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    Whether you have experienced trauma, struggle with relationships, or are overwhelmed by specific fears or beliefs, please know that it is possible to achieve an increased sense of ease and comfort in your life. You might feel hesitant to seek help, but don’t forget that this is a courageous first step.

    With the support of a non-judgmental, skillful, and compassionate therapist, you will be supported in finding a better understanding of yourself and your world. I often have success working with people who have had unsatisfying therapy experiences so if you’re ready become a happier, more fulfilled version of yourself, I invite you to reach out to me.

    Hi, I'm Rebecca

    Thank you for visiting my page! I got my start in the field of social work in 2001 and have served many diverse causes throughout my career. I specialized in social justice while earning my master’s in social work at the University of Maryland Baltimore, and now I have over a decade of experience doing clinical work with individuals, families, and couples.