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  • Adjunct EMDR

    We’ve all had those moments in therapy where we feel stuck, or in a loop on issues related to negative life experiences. It can be discouraging for both the client and the therapist! With EMDR, I can target specific memories, body sensations, or limiting beliefs that have begun to feel like a plateau in talk therapy. By specifically targeting intrusive material, adjunct EMDR accelerates progress in traditional therapy, helps the client and the primary therapist to resolve stuck points, and enriches their ongoing work.

    Adjunct therapy does not replace or interrupt ongoing therapy; it is supplemental to the primary therapeutic relationship. By closely collaborating with a client’s primary therapist, I can ensure that EMDR therapy is paced in a way that is both beneficial and comfortable, as well as prevent duplication of services. The success of treatment is based on clear goals for EMDR, which I define in collaboration with the primary therapist and client.

    I love partnering with primary therapists and their clients to improve outcomes. If you are interested in adjunctive EMDR therapy, contact me or request a referral from your current provider.